Internal Glass Partition Door 2110mm x 900mm - 10mm glass


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Our stock size frameless glass doors are made to fit perfectly with our glass partition panels. There is a matching glass door for each of the glass partition panels that we offer. This 10mm toughened glass door is 2110mm x 900mm and should be purchased with the the 2140x900 Glass Partition Panels. Axis Glass Doors are  operated by a floor mounted hydraulic spring which mounts onto your finished floor and so there is no need make a hole in your floor. The hydraulic glass door floor spring controls the opening and closing of the frameless glass door and holds the full weight of the glass door. All our glass partition glass door floor springs are 180 degree opening and will hold open at 90 degrees, the glass doors are made fully reversible so you can install them either way around and there is no need to decide in advance if you require left hand or right hand opening glass door.

The glass door attaches to the floor spring using the glass door corner patch supplied, this is a metal fixing which bolts onto the corner of the glass door. The glass door is fixed at the top of the glass partition opening with a pivot point which inserts directly into the ceiling glazing U channel  or into the ceiling depending on your particular installation. Again the glass door attaches to the pivot point using the glass door corner patch supplied with the glass door.

For more information and detailed drawings and dimensions for installing the glass door, please see frameless glass door fitting instructions.


Internal Glass Partition Door 2110mm x 900mm - 10mm glass

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