12mm Packers -10 Inserts to lift glass within the channel


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  • Sold in 1 piece of 3 METER LENGTHS each

  • 180 Degree Glass to Glass Partitioning Joint - for vertical joints between glass panels

  • There are 2 options when joining glass panels in a straight line to create a frameless glass partition wall.  You can either use a “wet” silicon joint, or a “dry” pre formed rubber jointing strip. There are advantages to each system. Dry joints are uniform, easy to fit and require very little skill to obtain a professional finish, however they are more expensive, give lower acoustic insulation and offer little or no flexibility in the size of gap between each panel.  Wet joins give your partition wall greater rigidity and strength, better acoustic insulation and can be anything between 3-6mm in width, allowing flexibility when using fixed width glass panels in fixed width openings. However for the uninitiated  the prospect of silicone a large number of vertical glass to glass joins in a glass partition wall can be daunting given the high level of finish anyone commissioning a glass partition will aspire to.

12mm Packers -10 Inserts to lift glass within the channel

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Array 10mm

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