No More Silicon Dry Join for Glass Partitioning - 3 Way Join (1 piece)


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  • Sold in 3 METER LENGTHS

  • 3-Way Glass to Glass Partitioning Joint - for vertical T joints between 3 glass panels

  • Where a 3 way T joint is required, for example where several  cubicle offices are created with 1 glass wall is intersected by several other glass walls , the join can be achieved in exactly the same way as with a 90 degree join except in this case the “abutment join” should be created in such a way that one glass panel intersects the other glass panel at or about its mid point. The glass panels are arranged so that a 3-6mm perpendicular gap is formed between the centre of the face of one panel and the edge of the other. The glass panels are clamped in place and resulting gap is either filled with clear silicon (wet joint) or a pre formed abutment dry join is inserted.


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Array 10mm

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